Shredded waste paper piled on the sidewalk

Support your parents during quarantine

A woman panicked when she needed to press an elevator button.

Water receiving positive vibrations and energies from carnelian stones

Zaanstore tourist information, Gifts shop and restaurant Subway in Zaandam

Virtual doctor helps patient remotely

Germophobia against corona virus

Multi-colored painted metal sculpture of a funny dog

Woman playing grand piano in Rothschild street

Heart-shaped semi-precious stones of leopard skin jasper

Yunfu Bus Terminal ambiance

Need to open the kitchen cabinet gives a woman pathological fear.

Chat with on-call doctor

The family’s moving the apartment with professional removal elevator

Many heart-shaped semi-precious stones of picture jasper as background

Man grunting in fear looking at the panorama of a big city from above

View of backside of Zaanstad City Hall taken from Zaandam railway platform

Woman is feeling scared when looking at the stormy ocean.

Blue and yellow NS train arrived at the Zaandam railway station

A woman pushing an elevator button with a toothpick

Open-air bus station in the Schiphol airport under the yellow night light.

A shocked thinner man touches saggy skin

Senior adult woman working in the garden on decorative palm background

Skilled female recruiter kicking unseen candidate out