What type of models we are looking for? All ages, genders or races models are welcomed. A model should be natural, authentic and full of character.

Will a model get a salary for the photo shoot? No. We work on TFP (time for pictures) basis. The model receives an agreed number of photos by email instead of payment.

Does a model need to sign anything? Yes, a model release. It is a contract between the model and photographer. The model gives to photographer permission to use photos/videos for commercial purposes around the world. Here is a link to model release sample

Does a model need to be nude in any shoots? No. We do not shoot nude at all.

What type of images will be taken? Normally we shoot in the studio. Samples can be checked in our portfolio

How will my images be used? Your images will be sent to microstock agencies for sale under a royalty-free image license at super low prices (typical price range between USD 0.20 – USD 10 per image). The agencies are unable to inform us where exactly your photos/videos are being used. More details about microstock photography you can read here

I am interested to be your model, how to apply? Send us some pictures and brief about yourself. Please don't forget your smile. Our's contacts are on "About" page.