Senior adult woman working in the garden on decorative palm background

Skilled female recruiter kicking unseen candidate out

Close up view of Peninsula Plaza building

Power cord retracts into the vacuum cleaner

South African Mastiff breeder holds two brown puppies

Happy mature adult man shopping in a second-hand shop

Narrow medieval cobbled street of Krumlov town

New residential neighborhood project Unik Top

Modern psychotherapist prefers working with an elderly lady in an informal setting.

Suddenly mature woman has a panic attack out of nowhere for no reason

Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ)

Shoplifter in grey hoodie steals a shirt in the store

The chateau park of Hluboka Nad Vltavou

The movement of the middle fingers in the gymnastics hands

Senior adult woman enjoys swinging in the playground while carer protecting her

Couples therapist or marriage counselor portrait

Two Hotels and Business Center in old downtown of Singapore

Homeless man likes to buy discount

Woman has a claustrophobic attack in her terrible balcony

Pictures of modern Israel

Smiling elderly woman posing with yellow watering can in her garden

Bricked-up view from the balcony puts a mature adult woman into a depression

The woman puts the matzo on a white plate.

Rotten stump covered with young green plants